Why should you buy our Grooming Dryer Brush?

Well, that’s a good question.

Usually, when you dry your pooch using conventional method you have the dryer in one hand and the brush in the other, leaving your pooch to move around and even run off.

So, what’s different?

With our Grooming Dryer Brush it’s a 2-in-1 complete tool, so you’re only using one hand leaving your other hand free to calm, hold, and stroke your pooch making for a happier and more relaxing experience.

Unlike using a hairdryer and brush which blows the water inwards to the dog’s skin, our Grooming Dryer brush blows the water from the skin outwards which speeds up the drying process.

Also, the clever built in Ionic function aids the drying process and enhances the effect of any conditioners used, leaving your dog’s fur silky soft.


It’s safer

Most hair dryers run at a minimum of 110 degrees which is far too hot for your pooch – it’s no wonder most dogs don’t like the conventional hairdryer!

Our Grooming Dryer Brush has been specially developed to operate at lower temperatures.

In the unlikely event of a malfunction, our Grooming Dryer Brush has safety cut outs built in meaning it’s super safe for use on Fido.

You can also groom with the brush on the coat using a continuous brushing action without the need to stop, this is due to the lower temperature not making your pup feel quite so, well… hot under the collar.

Without having to juggle a brush and a conventional dryer, your pooch can be dried and looking fabulous in no time!


What are the benefits?

A conventional hairdryer will blow your pooches fur all over the place encouraging it to begin matting and knotting.

By using our Grooming Dryer Brush this doesn’t happen as the air blows outward from the skin helping to keep the hair straighter whilst drying it.

Also, the beauty of the dryer and brush combination means you turn two jobs into one, so you won’t have to chase Fido round the house to brush him after his blow dry.

Similarly, when you use conditioners during the bathing process, you will instantly notice a large difference in the finished dry fur.

Not only will it feel much softer, it’ll also be much easier for groomers to cut/trim.


Safety in mind

All our brush attachments have insulated backs. We’ve designed them this way to stop them getting excessively hot.

This ensures that they cannot burn your pooch if you happen to hold it against any part of them.

On the Grooming Dryer Brush you’ll notice there’s a built in LED blue light.

This has a dual purpose; first, it’s there to tell you the user that it’s running on the highest heat setting (which should not be used around the face and/or delicate areas).

The second, to help spot any movement in the fur from unwelcome critters and to aid in spotting any skin conditions.


Our dryer brush is fitted with a powerful and reliable 30-watt motor to help ensure that the brush will last.

It also produces sufficient air flow through the brush to blow the water from the skin outwards along the fur towards the heat from the brush.

But don’t take our word for it…

We’ve a wonderful array of reviews on our Facebook page, and even on our reviews page on the website.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

Vicki – Owner of one top dog
“Great product! I’ve started to groom my cockapoo Howard myself, and he’s not a fan of the hairdryer! I ordered this on Wednesday, and it arrived on the Friday, then Howard was kind enough to roll in a dead fish carcass at the beach, so I got to try the dryer brush the day it arrived! Works a dream and I always struggled to dry his face, ears and tail, but this now makes it quick and easy to do! Would definitely recommend”

Tracey – Owner of one top dog
“So, I have recently used this on my Shih Tzu Alfie and I have to say it’s amazing!!! He can be a little impatient when getting dried at home (he’s a little star at the groomers!!!) but this tool makes it so much quicker and easier to get the job done. As it only needs one hand, the other can be left free to keep him sat still! It’s very quiet too which seems to have a calming effect on him during drying. It always leaves his black fur silky and shiny compared to when I use a separate brush and hair dryer which often leaves his coat quite dull and frizzy. Highly recommend to every dog owner!!”

Julie – Owner of two top dogs
“Used this for the first time tonight after a muddy walk at the wizard. Was really pleased with how easy to use, how quickly it dried and the most surprising part was that Katie and Angus didn’t even try to run away when I was using it on them! Katie looked like she was queuing to wait her turn! Excellent product! Thanks!”

Don’t forget, if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase we offer you a 30-day free trial! Simply let us know and return the product to us in a good condition and we’ll refund you in full – no quibbles!

We thank you all for your custom and hope to hear how much you love using our products as we do creating them – Chris Rose & Malcolm Rawle, Managing Directors of Roses Top Dog.

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