New product alert: PVA Mega Absorbent Dog Towels

2021-06-28T07:24:35+01:00New products|

📢 Roll up, roll up groomers, dog lovers and four-legged friends! 📢 We have a brand new product to announce and we’re sure you’re going to love it! That’s right folks, we’re launching a brand-new range of PVA mega absorbent dog towels all designed with your pooch in mind. Due to the PVA material, these [...]

New product alert – Super Absorbent Dog Towels!

2021-06-28T07:31:15+01:00New products|

📢 Calling all dog owners! 📢 We have the perfect solution for your mucky pup - why, our super absorbent dog towels of course! That's right folks! We've launched a brand new range of super absorbent dog towels all designed with your dog in mind. Whether it's for in-between bathing and drying (using our Grooming [...]


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