Roses supports Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home

2021-06-28T07:38:22+01:00Things we love|

Up until December 2017, we'll be donating £10 of each Dog Grooming Dryer Brush sale to Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home. But, why? As you all know, we're a company of dog lovers. We have dogs that come in all shapes and sizes, from the tall to the small. It's because of our passion for [...]

Top of the Pups: Grooming products we love

2021-06-28T07:48:24+01:00Things we love|

We're all a little biased when it comes to out favourite grooming products: a particular brush can take your fancy (hint hint), a fresh-smelling shampoo or maybe even a reliable pair of nail scissors. But what products are we loving this month? We've scoured the web far and wide, and consulted some of our beloved [...]


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