Do you have a dog that hates the hair dryer?

Does your dog run away as soon as you get it out?

Sound familiar?

If so, don’t worry. You are able to turn hair drying in to an enjoyable process for both you and your dog!


The process we’ll discuss below is slow, but the long term benefits will be worth it.  So, Stick with it and you’ll notice the difference, we promise!


Step 1.

Place your hair dryer on the floor. Do not touch it or move it.

Every time your dog approaches it to have a sniff or investigate what it is – they get a high value reward (chicken for example).

This plants the seed that the tool in front of them is a good thing and more good will come from it.


Step 2.

Place the dryer in your hands and again wait for the dog to come to you and have a sniff.

Reward any positive behaviour towards the dryer!


Step 3. (time to introduce the dog hair dryer)

If your dryer has a brush head (like our grooming dryer brush) fit the brush head and place it gently on the dogs chest.

It is always better to come towards the dog from underneath them rather than over the top. This can appear threatening at times.

Don’t turn the dog dryer on at this stage, allow the dog to get used to the feeling.

Reward any positive behaviour from the dog to convince them that it is a good thing to stay where they are.


Step 4.

Repeat step 3, but in different areas of the body. Reward every time you move to a new area.


Step 5.

Turn the dog dryer on. Keep on a low setting without touching the dog. Reward so they know the sound is nothing to be scared of.


Step 6.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the dog dryer on a low level.

Only do this once they are completely comfortable with steps 3 and 4.

And remember with each new area you dry/brush you must reward!



From these steps your dog will slowly get used to feeling the brush and the dryer across all parts of their body.

Once comfortable with each stage, be sure to repeat the steps a few times over a several days.

This ensures your dog is comfortable and finds this a positive experience.

If your dog is stressed at any stage, we do not suggest you continue.

Always end your training on a positive note and return back to it at a later time.

There is no rush!!

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