As you know, keeping on top of your dog’s summer coat maintenance can be tricky. Knowing what to do and what not to do can be confusing, and in some cases, you can hinder rather than help your pup.

So, we’ve compiled a handy list of Do’s and Don’ts so you know you’re on the right track for keeping your pooch’s coat healthy and Fido happy during the summer months.

DO – Keep long coats clipped

It’s important that you keep your longer haired breed, such as a Shih Tzu, clipped during the summer months.

Not only will your pup be able to keep themselves cooler on surfaces, but he’ll also be easier to brush and keep those pesky knots and testing tangles at bay.

Please note: this by no means encourages you to shave your pup – just a trim will do! Please consult a grooming professional with regards to clipping and trimming your dog.

Also remember to keep your pups paw pads trimmed as dogs sweat from their feet so need their paws trimmed regularly to keep them cool and prevent debris from getting caught.

DO – Check your dog’s coat 

Does your dog have a double coat? Check our handy blog to see if your pooch has one or not.

Double coat maintenance is very important as the two coats have two separate functions.

The undercoat very cleverly protects from the harsh elements in the winter and keeps cool air close to the skin during the summer months.

Whereas, the outercoat protects from things like snow and UV rays which can cause sunburn.

DON’T – Shave your dog’s double coat

Do not shave your dog’s double coat, unless advised to do so by a medical professional, and only then by a trained professional groomer.

Shaving a dog’s double coat in the summer hinders rather than helps as it can be very difficult for your pooch to regulate their temperature and could lead to making your dog very uncomfortable.

Shaving a double coat can also lead it to grow back in a very odd way, so please refrain!

DO – Bathe your dog

But only when he needs it!

A dog only needs to be bathed every few weeks, or after a particularly muddy walk!

Otherwise, wiping your dog down with a damp cloth will rid the fur of any muddy debris.

Don’t forget to use dog shampoo and cool or lukewarm water when you bathe your pup as hot water can burn or dry out your dog’s skin.

Also, don’t forget to use our Grooming Dryer Brush, the perfect tool to dry your pup in half the time!

DO – All the checks

Check ears, eyes, coat, skin and paw pads regularly as your pooch can be more susceptible to cuts, scrapes, burrs and critters during the warmer summer months.

Want to know how to look after these areas? Check out this helpful article here.

DON’T – Forget to brush your dog regularly

It’s important to remember to brush your pooch daily to keep his or her coat in a tip top condition!

Check out our handy blog to find out which brush is best for your breed.

DO – Hydrate!

Just like humans, your pup needs to keep hydrated throughout the warmer months.

Don’t forget to put out clean fresh water for Fido every day.


Please note, this is not a guide to professional grooming. If you wish to seek advice regarding cutting and clipping your breed, please consult with a professional groomer.