The Hungarian Puli is a striking looking dog with an attractive coat of Cords, they are an energetic dog friendly and loyal.

The grooming regime for these dogs is very different to most other dogs requiring no brushing or combing. Dependent on your preference the dog requires cords cutting to length of 4-6 inches to help its coat stay cleaner and not drag in the dirt etc, length can be determined by you in association with your groomer. They require a daily hand grooming session where you will run your fingers through the cords to find debris (burrs, seeds and small twigs) and when found gently teasing these out with your fingers. As the coat grows and the Cords develop this activity done well will reward you with a great looking dog. Attention should be paid to fleas, as these can cause major damage to the cords so always be alert for these and when found treat immediately with a good flea powder.

They require bathing and most owners suggest that a 6-8 week bath is ideal.

Before bathing do ensure that there is no debris in the coat/cords

1 x Roses Grooming Brush (Optional)

2 x Roses Mega Absorbent PVA Towel

2 x Roses Super Absorbent Microfibre Towel

A gentle dog shampoo, (do not use Human Shampoo’s, they are often too astringent for dogs). With this dog as the fur is quite water resistant dilute the shampoo 6 parts water to 1 part shampoo.

A selection of Treats.

We would recommend you use the shower to wash your dog but if not available please use the bath and ideally wash the dog using a shower attachment as this will enable you to thoroughly wet the dog and also thoroughly rinse all shampoo out of the coat. For the comfort of your dog please lay down a non-slip mat or an old towel to prevent them from slipping. Once you have thoroughly soaked the dogs coat then apply the shampoo by gently kneading the coat ensuring you get the shampoo down to the base of the coat and onto the skin. Once thoroughly shampooed then rinse off the coat and making sure no shampoo is left to avoid any itchiness on the skin for your dog. This is a real hand wash and you need to work the shampoo well into the cords

Now to drying firstly use the Mega Absorbent Dog Towels and DAB (not scrub) all over squeezing out the cloth regularly to ensure maximum absorbency. A good tip here is to wring the PVA towel out well and then wrap the cord in the towel and squeeze the cord to absorb the maximum water is absorbed into the towel Once all excess water is removed then wrap your dog in the Large Super Absorbent Microfibre Towel and again Dab dry until the fur is just damp, again wrapping the towel around the cords and squeezing to remove as much water as possible.

To dry many suggest to put in a cage and direct a warm air fan into the cage this is a long and sometimes can be a distressing experience for your dog so we recommend that you use our Grooming and Drying Brush without any brush head so like a handheld hair dryer lifting with your fingers the cords and running them between your fingers to dry each individually and to direct the air to the undercoat also. This need not be a long process if you follow our towel drying suggestions

We look forward to hearing your experiences and of course receiving pictures of your Hungarian Puli’s after your Grooming and Pampering Sessions.


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