Grooming designed for dogs

This appliance is to be used by responsible adults only, and when not in use please unplug the product and store in a safe, dry place.

If the supply cord is damaged refrain from using the appliance and take to a qualified electrician for repair.

Do not use if the product has been/is immersed in water.

Do not leave the appliance unattended when plugged in.

This appliance has been designed and produced for animal grooming and finishing only. Please do not use on human hair.

The barrel can become hot during operation, so please take care when handling. We would recommend that, after use, you run the unit on a cool blast for 10 seconds before storing.

Do not continue to use the appliance if there appear to be malfunctions. Please contact a qualified electrician for advice if this persists.

Keep the power supply lead away from hot surfaces.

Always ensure the barrel and the filter at the back of the unit by the power flex are clear after use. If these become blocked it can cause the unit to overheat, so if blocked unplug the unit and clear.

On first use you may smell burning. This is the protective material used in manufacturing and this will burn off and disperse after about 3 minutes of continuous use.

For more convenient storage this appliance has been fitted with a hanging loop where the power cord enters the appliance. We advise using this at all times as it will avoid damage to the power cord.


Before use, we strongly recommend that you visit our website to see our Instructional Video on how to use and get the best results from your Roses Top Dog Styling and Grooming Brush.
To change the brush head, unplug your appliance and simply press both release buttons on the side of the appliance and gently pull to remove the brush head.

To connect the brush head, unplug the appliance, align the arrows/triangles and push gently onto the unit. You will feel the brush head click into place.

To switch on the unit, move the switch from position 0 to position 1 (*), low speed, or position 2 (*), full speed. We recommend that you start the appliance on the first setting (*) and then work up to position 2.

The unit has two heat settings. We recommend use of the High Heat Settings in short bursts, to minimise any discomfort you could cause the dog if used in one location for a long period of time. Also for best results we recommend that the brush should never be held stationary, as best results will be achieved by constantly brushing through the fur, enabling the drying and ionic conditioning functions to work effectively.

Ionic Function

This appliance is fitted with an Ionic Generator which will help speed up the drying process and also enhance the performance of conditioning agents used during washing.


This appliance is designed specifically for the dog grooming industry and dog lovers worldwide and we welcome feedback on your experience with using the product. Please visit our website and post on our social media platforms and contact page.

This unit is currently supplied with three brush heads. In the future we will introduce other styles of brush head and welcome any customer feedback on styles and types of brush heads you would like to see made readily available.

The unit comes with a 12-month guarantee for domestic use, and a 6 month guarantee for commercial use against all manufacturing and design defects.

This guarantee does not cover customer misuse or other problems caused by poor handling and care.

We recommend registering on our website where guarantee periods will be doubled to 24 months for domestic use and 12 months for commercial use (if buying from Roses Top Dog you will automatically register during the process, and therefore will not need to register again). This will also enable you to receive updates from Roses Top Dog Grooming Products Ltd on all product news, win things, etc.

Special note: As per industry practice, the brush heads are not included in the guarantee. Replacement brush heads can be ordered on our web site

Thank you for purchasing this appliance and we look forward to hearing about your experience with our products.

Chris Rose,

Managing Director