📢 Calling all dog owners! 📢 We have the perfect solution for your mucky pup – why, our super absorbent dog towels of course!

That’s right folks! We’ve launched a brand new range of super absorbent dog towels all designed with your dog in mind.

Whether it’s for in-between bathing and drying (using our Grooming Dryer Brush of course!), or even for in your car after a muddy walk, our towels are the perfect accessory.

Unlike other dog towels on the market, our are 350gsm which means they’re super absorbent and come in a range of sizes perfect for either a teeny tiny Tinkerbell or a big burly Buster.

Currently we have two sizes and three stunning colours to choose from.

Do you want to see more new products from us? Let us know what you’d like to see from us by emailing customerservice@rosestopdog.com