Are you almost ready to put our Dog Dryer/Finishing Brush in your basket but still have a lot of questions?

Don’t worry!

We’ve compiled a list of myth busters to answer all those niggling questions you were wondering about.

What exactly is the grooming dryer brush?

Our Grooming Dryer Brush is exactly what it says on the tin – a brush that also doubles as a dryer.

This isn’t like your average human dryer brush. This product has been specifically adapted for use on animals.

Due to the modified brush heads, the backs of our brush heads remain cooler than average brushes due to their insulated moulding, therefore won’t leave Fido or yourself with any nasty burns.

We’ve also created a powerful motor that sits inside the handle of the Grooming Dryer Brush, which has been specially adapted to be cooler and safer for use on animals.

All this, and the inclusion of the ionic function means it’s the perfect grooming tool to keep your dog’s coat in a tip top condition!


Is the dryer brush quiet?

Our Dog Dryer Brush has been designed with dogs in mind, and therefore is quieter than the standard dryers, even with the powerful motor.

This is the perfect solution if your dog may be a little timid of loud noises, especially when being used around the facial area.

It’s tried and tested with all sorts of dogs and even the most scared of pooches have been under the spell of the Roses Effect!

I’m a groomer and I want to know, do these replace blast dryers?

No. We do not recommend using the Dog Dryer Brush as a replacement for a blast dryer.

Simply put, a blast dryer rids the fur of about 80% of water after the dog has been bathed, something which no Grooming Dryer Brush or Finishing brush can do.

However, our Grooming Dryer Brush is the perfect finishing tool after being rubbed down with a towel, or after a blast with a blast dryer…

Or even after a good old shake around the bathroom.

Does the brush de-matt the dogs fur?

The brush heads aren’t made specifically for de-matting.

In fact, they’re an aid to help stop any matting begin in the first place, as most matting can occur from not brushing the fur enough.

Matting is a process that has to be worked out and teased out slowly, so it is always recommended to use combs etc for that.

However, the Dog Dryer Brush will aid you with the brushing process and help you to identify where any knots/matts are.

The results = quicker drying time with a shiny, soft finish to the coat.

Having a little trouble finding the best brushes for your breed? Take a look at our handy blog to keep your pups coat matt free.


Do the brushes cut out if they’ve been running too long?

The Grooming Dryer Brushes are made to run at specific temperatures depending on the setting you have it on.

They won’t go above these temperatures, even if they’ve been running for long periods.

The only way the Grooming Dryer Brush will cut out is if the filter at the rear of the heater hasn’t been cleaned, and through lack of maintenance of the brush heads.

As we mentioned before, the backs of each brush head are insulated so that they remain at a safe and comfortable working temperature that will not harm your furry friend in any way.

Keeping your brush heads in a clean condition and regular cleaning of the filter is paramount.


Is it suitable for drying other animals, like cats?

Believe it or not, our Dog Dryer Brush is safe to use on Fido the dog, Whiskers the cat and even Mr Ed the horse!

In fact, our Grooming Dryer Brush is safe to use on all animals, but perhaps lets not include the pet fish in that list!

Have you got plans for any other brush heads?

Currently we’re working on three new styles of brush heads that should be available for customers by Autumn 2017.

Any customer feedback on brush heads you’d wish for us to produce in the future is more than welcome!


Have any more niggling questions? Why not get in touch by sending an email to where one of our dedicated team members will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.