The Pomeranian is lovely dog with a Thick Double Coat and if ever a dog could be called high maintenance then the Pomeranian would certainly be on the list.

To maintain their coat in good condition it is recommended that you comb,brush, comb daily and wash every 3-4 weeks, and for your daily brush never brush the coat ‘dry’ always moisten the fur with a leave in coat spray, water or a mild water and conditioner mix (I part conditioner to 10 parts water). If when grooming you find knots, tangles and mats it is essential that you deal with these straightaway as if left the know will simply grow. So try to de-mat, detangle of de-knot by teasing out using a detangler lotion and if after gently working on these the knot is still there then cut out but make sure you cut only the knotted fur. We would also recommend quarterly visits to the Groomer for trimming and clipping, and of course a good wash and groom.

When groomed you are rewarded with a wonderful coat so the demanding grooming needs are always rewarded with a lovely finish.

The fur can mat and tangle if not groomed daily  so a good pin brush, a fine and coarse tooth comb and a slicker brush (for removing hair particularly during seasonal moults) are essential for the daily brush and as the fur responds well to conditioners a good quality conditioner or conditioning shampoo we would also recommend.

Before you start your shower and grooming sessions make sure you have all tools and materials required: –

Shampoo ensure you use a specific Dog Shampoo this will ensure that the Fur is maintained in great condition, Human Shampoos have different formulas not always compatible with Dogs.

Towels 1 x Roses PVA Mega Absorbent Towel, and I x Roses Large Microfibre Towel

1 x Roses Grooming and Drying Brush

1 x Good Quality Pin Brush and Comb

A good supply of treats

Washing your Pomeranian

For all dogs we advise you to use the shower, (and use a non-slip shower mat as washing in the sink or bath may result in your dog jumping out and potentially harming itself. If washing in the sink please do put a towel or non slip mat in sink and secure your dog to avoid it jumping out and harming itself. Ensure the water is a comfortable temperature not too hot or too cold use the shower attachment to thoroughly wet your dog’s coat (if not pour water over the coat using a jug and do ensure that you wet the coat thoroughly right down to the skin. Then apply the shampoo and knead it thoroughly into the coat, if your dog has got extremely dirty you may need to repeat this process. Now this is important when rinsing the shampoo out you must ensure that all shampoo is rinsed away as any residue can cause itchiness. Another key point we would make is to avoid getting shampoo into the eyes and try to keep the inside of ears dry away from shampoo and water.

If using a conditioner repeat process and again make sure the conditioner is thoroughly rinsed out of the coat

When coat thoroughly rinsed it is time to dry and technique is important here to keep your dog’s coat in great condition. Firstly, dab the coat all over with the Roses Mega Absorbent PVA Towel, squeezing excess water out often to ensure maximum absorbency. Once all surplus water is removed then wrap your dog in a Roses Large Microfibre Towel gently dabbing the towel all over until the coat is just damp. It is important that you do not vigorously towel dry your dog as this can result in Frizz, Split Ends and Matting.

Now to the final drying and grooming, connect your Roses Grooming and Drying Brush set on medium heat and low speed and start brushing and Drying the coat, and for the Pomeranian we recommend you use the oval pin brush head only. There is no correct place to start but the key advice we would give here is to ensure the whole coat is dry particularly around the base of the tail and around the ears. Also we would advise you to work in zones Back, Sides Chest, Legs, Neck and do not forget the tail. Ensure all the coat is brushed through, free of Matts, Knots and Dry. If your dog is a little anxious at first encourage with treats and words of encouragement. Initially we would recommend you use medium heat setting 1 and low power setting and once your dog is familiarised and comfortable with your Roses Grooming and Drying Brush you can increase the heat setting to full and increase the speed to high, but note when drying around the eyes and ears only use medium heat and low power.

The permanent IONIC feature will ensure great conditioning to your dog’s coat

The choice of Brush head to use varies from Dog to Dog but we recommend the oval pin brush head, but overtime you may experiment with the other brush heads and find your own particular favourite which gives you great results

We know that following these simple instructions you will soon be getting great results and you and your Pomeranian will enjoy these grooming sessions which can help create an excellent bond between you and your dog and of course keep your Pomeranian looking great and smelling good most of the time.

We look forward to hearing of your experiences and of course receiving pictures of your Pomeranian after your Grooming and Pampering Sessions


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