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This brush does exactly what it says on the box but is 100% better! The struggle with drying a long haired Shih Tzu is the fur matts really when washing and she needs a continuous brush throughout her drying. With this brush it does everything in one! It may be the best product iv tried! I have used it on both of my dogs and they love it. I was unsure how it would work on my long haired shih tzu but it was fantastic! I could not be without this product now. It is a saviour! Thank you Roses Top Dog. For the brush as well as the fantastic customer service at the shows!
Gladys also says thanks as she loved being groomed with it.

Ashleigh, Owner of two top dogs

The Super Absorbent Dog Towels are the best dog towels ever! My Labrador likes nothing more than diving into rivers, canals and muddy puddles. These towels are an absolute must!

Richard, Owner of one top dog

Thanks for this amazing piece of kit. My giant schnauzer Esther and my 2 puggles, Albert and Mabel, are queuing up to be groomed. The different brush heads suit different types of coats……What can I say FANTASTIC.

Gino, Owner of three top dogs

We have always had a struggle with our gorgeous but very fluffy mini labradoodle Harry. Then we bought this and it is fantastic. He is dry and brushed in no time and no more juggling with the dryer a brush treats and Harry wriggling and running off! Best invention ever!! Thank you.

Bev, Owner of one top dog

For some reason Mum decided today was Bath day! She is really happy because she said she got us dried and brushed in half the time thanks to our new Grooming Dryer Brush from @rosestopdog We hate the hairdryer but this new dryer brush was much more relaxing and did the job in no time!! Thank you @rosestopdog for a great product!

Rodney & Mabel, Two top dogs

Well I used this for the first time today. I thought it was still a bit noisy but the dog coped well with it (she’s extremely nervous and scared of everything). I thought it was a bit heavy and it made my wrist ache a bit. Another downside is that you still have to dematt first and comb through because the brush attachments themselves are not suitable for that!! Would work great on labs and knot free spaniel ears etc. I’m still undecided about it but it’s a 30 day money back guarantee so I can always send it back if I have to.

Jennifer, Owner of one top dog

Bought one last week…I am a new dog owner and did not want to pay for grooming! So glad I did! Fab machine, even a novice like me can manage my dog with one hand! I was concerned that my own hair dryer would be to hot for “Sookie” and indeed it was! So I gave this a try and I am so glad I did, I hardly ever write reviews, but this time, I took the time as it does the job in every way, including getting lots of tangles out easily. Highly recommended.

Lynn Jacobs, Owner of one top dog

So, I have recently used this on my Shih Tzu Alfie and I have to say it’s amazing!!! He can be a little impatient when getting dried at home (he’s a little star at the groomers!!!) but this tool makes it so much quicker and easier to get the job done. As it only needs one hand, the other can be left free to keep him sat still! It’s very quiet too which seems to have a calming effect on him during drying. It always leaves his black fur silky and shiny compared to when I use a separate brush and hair dryer which often leaves his coat quite dull and frizzy. Highly recommend to every dog owner!!

Tracey, Owner of one top dog

rusti top dog

Rusti just loves the warmth from the brush…I’ve never known him sit so patiently for his groom. Rufus is a wee bit scared, but we’ll remedy that….
Rusti’s coat is gleaming ! I’m very happy with the product and it’s easy for me to hold too

Elisabeth Swain, Owner of two top dogs

I am not a professional groomer but I own three show cocker spaniels who need to be washed and groomed on a regular basis. I have just purchased the top dog finishing and grooming brush to help me keep on top of my lovely trio. I love the fact that it allows me to have one hand free to steady my dog whilst drying. Nancy my chocolate sable can be a bit timid with noise and appliances but she was very calm with this brush and her coat became lovely and smooth without any effort. You are able to dry and brush at the same time which cuts down the time spent on the table by half. Fantastic product highly recommended by me and the real customers Walter, Elsa and Nancy.

Mary, Owner of three top dogs

We have found that there’s definitely a place for this tool in the salon.

Belinda, Doghouse Grooming

I am not a professional groomer but I enjoy grooming my own Cockapoo Dylan. Today I purchased the Roses Top Dog Finishing & Grooming Brush, so now I can give him the professional finishing touch & fully dry him, in particular his ears, head & muzzle.
I was able to dry and brush him at the same time which then meant I only had to comb him to finish him off, & his fur was left feeling fluffy & soft.
It also cut down the time he spent on the table. Thanks to Chris Rose for A fantastic product highly recommended by me & Dylan

Wendy, Owner of one top dog

Katrina, Owner of The Randall Groomers

Used this for the first time tonight after a muddy walk at the wizard. Was really pleased with how easy to use, how quickly it dried and the most surprising part was that Katie and Angus didn’t even try to run away when I was using it on them! Katie looked like she was queuing to wait her turn! Excellent product! Thanks!!

Julie, Owner of two top dogs

Great product! I’ve started to groom my cockapoo Howard myself, and he’s not a fan of the hairdryer! I ordered this on Wednesday, and it arrived on the Friday, then Howard was kind enough to roll in a dead fish carcass at the beach, so I got to try the dryer brush the day it arrived! Works a dream and I always struggled to dry his face, ears and tail, but this now makes it quick and easy to do! Would definitely recommend

Vicki, Owner of one top dogs

Delivery was really quick, and the customer service is excellent.
Before using it to dry, I introduced my 3 Shih Tzu puppies to it for short sessions and today used it fully. It’s an excellent product and one of them even fell asleep while drying.

Isabella, Owner of three top dogs

We have used the dryer on our cockerpoo and our Yorkie. Both of them have no problem with it where they were not over keen on our usual dryer. Great product as are the towels . As for customer service , it is exceptional. Thank you Malcolm

Audrey, Owner of two top dogs

#RosesReview I’m so pleased with this grooming brush, it makes bath times a lot easier. The dogs love it! Definitely my top buy yet! Thank you

Rosemarie, Owner of top dogs

I have had my Grooming Bundle for a month and wow, what great value. No longer is keeping my high maintenance Sprocker a chore. When he’s soaked and muddy I just rinse him with warm water, soak off most of the water with the amazing squeegee cloth and finish off with the lovely soft absorbent towels. A quick blast with the dryer and I have a sleek shiny dog (the benefit of the brushes being attached is I have a free hand to smooth his coat as he dries).
Lol! This has reduced the dust in my house considerably as the whole process removes dead hair.

Pat, Owner of one top dog

I like to bath my pooch in between visits to the groomers but she hates the hairdryer. I used the grooming dryer brush today, it was quick and easy to use and Mika was at ease and actually seemed to enjoy her pamper. It has also achieved that lovely fluffy-just been to the salon- look! We would highly recommend it

Lucie, Owner of one top dog

I show my cavaliers and have one particular bitch with a very straight but extremely fine coat, which is prone to being flyaway. Using the hot air brush makes it so much easier to blow dry the coat with one hand, leaving the other free to hold the dog or ears etc. The amazing towels make sure she is as dry as possible before starting blow drying – without the use of a blaster.

Roxanne, Owner of top dogs

Well what can I say! I bought this to use on dogs that are scared of the blaster/dryer especially around their faces and have not been disappointed. We used it on a couple of puppies we had come in for the their first Groom and it did the job brilliantly. Look forward to utilising it more in the salon

Pauline, Groomer of top dogs

I am honestly amazed. I love grooming my 3yr old Cavachon and 23wk old Shih Tzu, but my Cavachon hates her ears and chin being dried with our pet dryer and the puppy hates the pet dryer full stop and turns into a furry Houdini lol. But this evening I bathed and dried both using the drying brush and it took a fraction of the time with both instantly allowing me to dry them completely; even their facial hair if I help my pup’s ear up.

I have a disability where I dislocate and spasm easily and after a while the brush did cause some finger spasms where I held it too close to the head. But found it lighter towards the end. The thing that would make this perfect, would be a puppy head. The square and oval metal pin brush heads were the best today, but on my little Suki it would have been easier to navigate her little limbs; but other than that, I am extremely happy. I will upload a video of their next bath.

Steph, Owner of two top dogs

Fantastic – I bought the Grooming Brush with changeable heads and it is brilliant! No more chasing them round the room with my own noisy hairdryer. They sit still and let me brush and dry them- 2 x Pugs and 2 x Shih Tzu’s. Best investment for ages!! Many thanks

Michelle, Owner of four top dogs

We have a cavapoo with very thick fur. We ordered the grooming bundle at a very good price and it is fantastic! Great price and great product! Love the towels too!

Keily, Owner of one top dog

I was sceptic when i’ve seen those pva towels but after first use i love it. Cos i must wash my older shih tzu’s eyes everyday those towels are perfect. The brush…exceptional! Thank you Chris & Malcolm for the great job you’re doing it

Raluca, Owner of two top dogs

Hi just wanted to say omg what an amazing product you have produced I’ve just used the hairdryer on my long haired Chinese crested powder puff after reading the tips you sent regarding this and wow he loves it even let me do his ears and his coat looks amazing the brush attachment glided through his coat and no tangles or knots due to the low setting use which is a must for a double coated dog with long hair I’m absolutely over the moon xxx

Annabell, owner of one top dog

Bought the set as our dog (fluffy cairn cross) hates being brushed but loves being dried. He sat nicely while I was using the dryer brush. It’s good quality as are the towels. Highly recommended 

Tracy, Owner of one top dog