We all know if your dog could talk he’d ask just a few things of you. The first, “Please can I have some more treats? I’ve only had 60 today!” The second, “Please can we play fetch at least 1000 more times?” and lastly, “Please quit your job and pet me all day!”

For fear of doggy cholesterol going through the roof and your arm falling off from all the throwing, we’ve got all the top tips of places to pet your pup to keep him leg-shakingly happy all day long:

Don’t fear the rear

Most dogs generally love a little tickle next to the tail.

How do you know they enjoy it? The sleepy eyes, open-mouthed tongue lol and extended leg are all giveaway signs to a dog enjoying a good old pet.

According to science, most dogs enjoy a good old scratch on the rump from their human as it’s a difficult spot to reach themselves.

Mostly, dogs find this pleasurable but if your dog isn’t a fan oh boy, you’ll know!

Good old belly rub

Ah, the Sistine Chapel of tickles; the belly rub.

We know you can picture it now, your pooch sprawled on their back with a doggy smile plastered on their muzzle as you give them the belly rub of their life.

It’s been known that even one look of pure bliss from your dog can cure even the worst of human days.


Head scratch

A little rub on the head can cause your pup much enjoyment.

Upgrade the rub to a tickle behind the ears and you’ll have a best fur-ever friend, just don’t stop!

Warning: dog faces of pure bliss will cause heart-bursting joy.


Chest stroke

Arguably the most sophisticated spot on the petting agenda, we’re not sure about you but our dog just loves a good old rub on the chest.

Nothing causes a dog to fall asleep standing up quite like it.


If that weren’t enough for you, take a look at this five minute long video of dogs who just can’t get enough of your attention.

What are your dogs favourite leg-thumpingly good tickle spots? Let us know on Facebook!

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