From the tall to the small, to the excessively hairy or the sleek and shiny, we all have our favourites of the furry variety here in Britain. We’re a nation of dog lovers with everyone having their say on the most popular dog breed.

According to recent statistics, there are approximately 9 million dogs that have taken up residency in our homes (and our hearts) but out of all these millions of canine companions, which breed tops the popularity charts?

P.S If you would like to know what the most popular dog breed is for your area, take a look at this handy pet map from Sainsbury’s Bank pet map.

5. English Springer Spaniel

A very loyal and friendly dog, the English Springer Spaniel was originally introduced to Britain’s homes as a trained gundog.

Nowadays they’re more likely to be running along a country lane with owner in tow, or fetching in your newspaper (and possibly shredding it to bits).

Springers, as they’re lovingly referred to, are truly that. They’re a very lively and energetic dog and must be stimulated or they’ll be bouncing off the walls in boredom.

However, they’re a very loyal and loving dog and are easily trained.

As their coats are feathered they tend to pick up dead leaves, mud and other sticky greenery from outside quite easily, so brush daily to prevent pesky knots and painful tangles.

4. Pug

Everyone’s favourite Chinese import (besides tea, of course), Pugs have won the nation over in recent years.

Due to their non-aggressive nature the breed has become a firm family favourite as it’s easy-going temperament is perfect for a family with small children.

Due to their short flat snouts, pugs have a tendency to develop breathing problems, but are highly loveable and also tend to be on the tubby side as they put on weight rather easily.

In other words, Britain’s favourite underdog.

3. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has become one of the most popular dog breeds in Britain in a matter of months, due to it being one of the A-list’s favourites.

Celebrities such as Marc Jacobs, David Beckham and Holly Willoughby, to name a few, post regular updates on their social media accounts with their four legged friends making them one of the most in-demand breeds.

Similarly to Pugs, French Bulldogs are notoriously known for their breathing difficulties due to their short faces and compact airways.

However, that won’t stop them from a frolic in the park or a giant lick up the face Hooch style.

This breed is known to be affectionate and intelligent and thrive on companionship, so make sure if you nip out to the shop for some milk you make it back sharpish as even if left alone for a short period this pooch can become distressed.

Due to their short coat French Bulldogs only require grooming once a week or so, and even better they won’t get too filthy when it comes time for walkies!

2. Cocker Spaniel

This kind natured and ever-so friendly breed just misses the top of the list.

Cockers, like Springers, were originally trained as gundogs and due to this need at least an hour of exercise a day, including walks off the lead and playing fetch around your living room.

Cockers are generally known to be intelligent dogs with their own mind, so make sure you get them trained early from pups or they may be a little bit of a handful.

They’re never happier than when they’re running around, so make sure you have plenty of time for long walks daily.

These lovely companions are known for their beautiful glossy coat which must be brushed daily to prevent nasty lugs.

1. Labrador

The nation’s favourite breed since 1990, the Labrador Retriever tops the chart for the 37th consecutive year.

But what makes the Labrador the winner of the top spot?

As well as being known for their loyal nature, Labradors are the perfect family pet as they’re incredibly easy to train.

These loveable dogs are big eaters and won’t be shy about putting their head in your lap come dinner time.

But where did this delightful and ever-so popular breed originally come from?

It turns out that Britain’s favourite dog breed didn’t come from Britain at all.

It came from Canada. Labradors, named after one of the vast easternmost provinces of Canada, were originally Canadian fishing dogs.

Known for their incredible swimming capabilities, and rumoured to be able to swim out to ships in distress, these loveable pups first came to Europe only 200 years ago and have firmly made their place in our homes.

What’s your favourite breed? Let us know.

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