We’re all a little biased when it comes to out favourite grooming products: a particular brush can take your fancy (hint hint), a fresh-smelling shampoo or maybe even a reliable pair of nail scissors.

But what products are we loving this month?

We’ve scoured the web far and wide, and consulted some of our beloved groomers to bring you some of our favourites, so see for yourself what we can’t get enough of:

1. Double K Grimeinator Dog Shampoo

Have you ever looked down at your muddy clod clad dog and thought, “HOW on EARTH am I ever going to get you clean?”

Sigh no more.

Double K Grimeinator dog shampoo is your salvation! See your black dog turn white, and picture the cheesy TV commercial gleams coming off your pampered pooch.

Trust us, you’ll never use anything else.


2. Groom Professional Baby Fresh Cologne

Want your dog to smell fresh for days?

This Groom Professional Baby Fresh Cologne is a firm favourite with dog owners and groomers nationwide.

So, don’t turn up your nose at the thought of a dog cologne. A little bit goes a long way and can even help leave beautiful scent trails around your house.


3. Mars Coat King RangeAlso known as a groomers best friend (of the tool variety, of course!)

These blade strippers are the perfect solution for removing tough tangles in the undercoat between grooms.

They cut, strip and comb the coat meaning it’ll be less hassle the next time it comes to get the clippers out!

This wonderful range comes in a whole bundle of sizes for all different types of coat so you’ll never be lost on which blade is best for you.

4. Grooming Scissors from The Scissor Boutique

There hasn’t even been a more recommended scissor company in the world than The Scissor Boutique.

Only a short scroll through their Facebook feed is proof enough that Mandy and Mike Carr – the people behind this amazingly versatile brand – are indeed ‘the scissor whisperers’.

Looking for something specialised? Just a short description of what you’re after and you’ll be paired with the perfect scissors for the job, perfectly adjusted to your hand size and to top it off they’re incredibly jazzy!

So, you’ll thank your lucky stars you bought from the scissor boutique.


5. Groom Professional 4 in 1 Clipper Spray

This really does what it says on the tin.

The spray cools your clipper blades, cleans, disinfects and lubricates them for you all at the same time!

Professionals swear they’d never use anything else again, and you’d be silly not to follow suit.


6. Andis Hinged Blade Case

There’s nothing worse than losing track of your blades and scrambling around looking for a 5 when all you can find is a 10.

We love this handy hinged blade case from Andis, there’s plenty of room to hold a number of blade sizes and it’s easier to spot if certain blades are on their way out.


Have you got some favourite grooming products that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know what products you love and they could be featured on our page!

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