A happy dog’s tale

Why make a job harder than it needs to be?

That’s what Mr Rose thought when he invented Roses Top Dog’s Grooming Dryer Brush, a handheld hairdryer-brush combo that helps pet owners dry their damp dog quickly, efficiently and with fabulous results.

But why would Mr Rose create such an invention? Why, a mutual passion of course.

Mr and Mrs Rose are first and foremost dog lovers. Mrs Rose has vast experience in the dog grooming industry and runs her professional dog grooming business in Cheshire, whilst Mr Rose has been an engineer and inventor since the late 70’s.

After watching Mrs Rose struggle using two hands to dry and groom her clientele of furry friends, Mr Rose had a real light bulb moment and set to work putting his years of engineering knowledge to good use by designing and creating a unique tool that cut grooming time in half by turning two jobs into one. And eureka! Rose’s Top Dog was born.

“Both myself and my son saw how difficult and time consuming it was for Mrs Rose trying to dry and brush one of her clients without having a free hand to calm the dog down,” says Mr Rose. “There must be a one-handed way of doing it.

“It took hours of testing different materials to make sure we cured problems we had found in the beginning stages. But, after a few trials with different inventions, a fair few tweaks and adjustments, I eventually got it perfect!”

Mrs Rose tested out her husband’s inspired creation which is, of course, now wowing a much wider audience.

The beauty of Rose’s invention is the undeniable benefits of using the drying brush. By working one handed you’re able to calm your furry friend and gently dry and brush the coat in half the time. Brushing the hair backwards makes for easier grooming in the long run, and the coat becomes noticeably softer due to the clever built in ionic function.

Meaning nowhere near as many knots or pesky tangles and paw-fect results!

Why choose Roses?

Roses Top Dog products lead the way in innovative dog grooming technology. Our products are all designed with dogs in mind – you’d be barking mad not to try it!